CCD Week 4



So I was out for week 3 hence why it goes from 2 to 4. I swear I can count! After being gone for a week my kids were super jumpy. The week I was gone the kids were in with the third grade class, so I have no idea what they did. They told me but all at once and at 100 mph!

So get out a lot of this energy we did our opening prayer. The kids really like saying the Our Father Prayer and so I let them run with it.

After our opening prayer I lined everyone up on the side of the room.

I began exuding people and switching them to spots all over the room. Trust me they needed the run. When then continued to exclude people by the following:





Then my favorite part comes where I make my kids think! What I love most about these open ended questions is that my kids really put their thinking caps on.

  1. Why is this unfair? – Because it is wrong to separate ourselves from people because they are different. (My kids took a minute to understand but eventually did get to this point, my aid tried to help them don’t they understand this concept).
  2. What do we do when we see people excluding others.- One of my kids just walked to the side of the room where the kids who were excluded were standing. The answer however is Join them, stand up for them, be there for them
  3. Did Jesus Exclude People? NO!
  4. Why not?- This one took a while as well but eventually one of my kids got it! Because Jesus said everyone is worthy of love and he calls us to love everyone!
  5. What about when we are forced to exclude people because maybe they are sick? The kids did not have an answer which was fine. It lead us into our Gospel Luke 17:11-19 Jesus and the Lepers.             After reading the Gospel to the kids they had a few questions like what is a lepers etc? Eventually the right question came out. “Jesus healed those people but other people can catch that sickness, what do we do” Answer: The Bible says that we are to love them we live in a time where we can thank God for all the amazing doctors and hard working people who keep us safe from sickness. God calls some of us to be healers and doctors and for those of us he doesn’t it is our job to help those people in whatever way we can without harming ourselves.


After they had finally calmed down we were able to work on our activity.

Doing praying through art. We have been learning about prayer and ways we can pray. That expressing ourselves to God can help us get through tough times. And we don’t always need to pray the traditional way to get that done.

I had them draw pictures and write a sentence of something that they thank god for it was very effective. The kids understood by the end that expressing ourselves in a positive manner allows us to connect with ourselves and God.

1st Annual Breast Cancer Bash

As I have mentioned before, I am a member of Greater Wicomico Republican Women.  I am proud to be apart of this organization. We have been through a lot in the last year, and I think it is awesome that after all we have been through we will be having our first fundraiser, celebrating survivors. On Friday Oct. 21, 2016, we will be hosting our 1st Annual Breast Cancer Bash. This is a fundraiser to help raise money for The PRMC Foundation, with proceeds going to our local breast center.

For me this is what being part of an organization like GWRW is about. Working with everyone in the community to help make our community a better place. Regardless of Politics I am glad that everyone can come together in spite of such a heated election.

I am the Chair of Fundraising for GWRW and when I purposed this fundraiser it was for a few different reasons and I would like to share them with you.

  1. I felt that we are a women’s group and since we all have breast this is something that we can get behind.
  2. We decided on the PRMC Breast Center because we have actually all had to use it.

This brings me to my third and final reason. About 1 year ago I was having my yearly with my gyno ( I know fun right?), and my mom had mentioned that now that I am 25 and with family history I should mention this to her so I did. I tell this to my doctor and she says as long as my breast exam is fine nothing to worry about. She then proceeds to do my breast exam and what do you know a lump. AWESOME…NOT! I was shocked at that moment but she assured me I was fine and that I was just going for an ultrasound. That end up being painless. Well three days later I get one of the scariest phone calls in my life. “Mrs. Hambrick we have scheduled you an appointment at the Breast Center for a biopsy.”

I hung up the phone and prayed. I was so afraid and in that moment I realize that I was a lot more attached to my breasts than I ever even realized. Thankfully, I ended up with a fatty tumor, which is one of the few times your happy to say you and fatty in the same sentence. Because of the care an reassuring of the people at the breast center, faith, and family support, I was able to over come that fear, and come out better on the other side.

Then it hit me, 1,000’s of women are not so lucky every day. In that moment I was inspired to help them, I know that it may not being a big change but to help our local area is what our group is all about. It is who we are as people and we are proud to share that with the world. I am happy to be a part of the fundraiser and I thank God that after everything we have been through we can take time out of our busy hectic lives to celebrate survivors!

Mini-Pilgrimage St. Patricks NYC


This is not St. Patrick’s. This is another Catholic church down town. It is what inspired me to go. You see I go to this part of the city at least four times a year for the last seven years and I had never been so I was inspired to take a stroll…

While visiting NYC last week I was able to take my self on a date. Maybe it is just me but I enjoy the time. I had some where to be at 12:30 and was in the city by 9 am. So I figured I would just go exploring. One of my adventures that day was a MINI-Pilgrimage to St. Patrick’s Cathedral.

If you would like to learn more about ST. Patrick’s so you can take a trip click here.

It was absolutely AMAZING and BREATH Taking. My experience was somber having to get my bad search in the church was a sobering experience for me. It is a sad world that we live in. When I did get a chance to just enjoy this old space and pray I felt a presence that I feel in every church. I do feel though that each space has its own feeling with a touch of the Holy Spirit. If you get a chance GO!

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CCD Week 2



I have to be honest and say that  I never really thought I would enjoy teaching CCD as much as I do. I still talk to my old CCD teacher on occasion and I remember how much of a difference she made in my life. I hope one day I can make a difference in a kid’s life as much as she did for me. But enough of that sappy stuff.


So because today is St. Francis of Assisi’s feast day today, we made Pet Prayer Cards. I used the following prayer of Sadly I lost it and so I can only credit them and not supply a link.


“Blessed are you Lord God maker of all living creatures. You call fourth the fish in the sea, the birds in the air, and the animals on land. You inspired St. Francis to call them his brothers and sisters. Bless this pet (enter kids pet names here). By the power of love enable my pet to live by your plan. My we praise for for all you beauty” -Amen.

We also learned from our Old Testament Reading of Amos 6:4-7

Since the story is about social justice and working together, we play the hula hoop game.

Hula Hoop Game:

Have kids stand in a circle and have kids pass it around in a circle holding hands. Let them figure it out. Have them work together. Here’s where it got interesting.

Ask the following questions:

Did it matter that the person next to you was a different gender?

Did it matter that you may have less or more money than them?

What is the all thing we have in common?

It took a few tries till they figured out it was Jesus.

Like I said before my class is super smart and I am happy that they are grasping adult concepts so quickly!!!!

Catechism Week 1


(via google)


I am so happy to announce that this week started our first week of Sunday School at our church. I am teaching the 4th grade class and I am super excited that I have a class of awesome students who are excited to learn about the Word of God! So as this is my first time teaching I would like to share it with all of you and get your feedback.


Lesson 1

Luke 16: The Parable of the Rich man.

So one of the key lessons I wanted my kids to learn from this story is the idea of privileged. How do you teach privileged of a class of fourth graders!  I did some research and figured that showing the kids that life is not fair would be a good place to start.

I wadded up a bunch of paper and made them stand in line and try to get them to make all of the papers in the basket. Of course the kids in the back complained and the children in the front said nothing. This fact went completely unnoticed by the class.


This was actually based on a lesson for high school students that I modified for my class, you can find the original link here .

By asking them to figure out the following they were able to grasp the concept:

  1. Why wasn’t this fair?
  2. What could the people in the front do to help those in the back?
  3. Why didn’t the people in the front offer to help?
  4. What would Jesus say to do in this situation based on this parable?
  5. How can we make it fair for everyone?
  6. How do we apply this to real life and making good choices?

Leave the questions open ended. My class wonderfully outlined that sometimes if we do not know we are supposed to help others that we don’t. This gave us an opportunity to talk about how Jesus wants us to always help others even when it is not considered the social norm.


The harder lesson to tackle was not being able to serve God and Money. My class wants to be rich (because who doesn’t), so once again all I could do was try to get them to figure out the answers on their own.

  1. Why should we choose to serve God over money? (This question is supposed to be hard put those brains to work)
  2. Why does God want us to pay attention to things like helping the poor and being a good person over being rich and famous?
  3. When have you been in a situation where you picked doing the right thing over money?

I love making my class think and I love that they were honest that some of them had never been in those kind of situations. They were however able to still give examples of different situations such as turning in a found wallet, doing volunteer work and not getting paid for it (like Ms. Bella they were so happy to add), or like picking up trash when no one asked us to, which is how we ended the last 15 mins of class.

A Woman of Strength and Purpose


Surprisingly this book like the “Strong Willed Women” the author describes, is not what it seems. This book touches base with many women and it definitely made a difference for not only me but my inner circle. A book that can be shared, revisited, and quoted shows you the quality of the writing inside.  Tobias hits this nail right on the head! The experiences shared by the women in this book is something that all women can relate to .I am happy to not only share this with my readers but to share this with my close family and friends. A good friend of mine actually quoted a verse to me that “Iron sharpens Iron” and even though that is not exactly what this book is about, you definitely can feel your iron sharpening.  Tobias creates and her amazing fellowship of friends and “strong willed women” teach, relate and engage her readers. I am proud to review this book and I happy that the women this book will reach will touch the lies of each and everyone of them.



Fall Family Fest!


I am super excited to be apart of this project! I love the fact that our company seeks out work with other charitable organizations and institutions. On Oct. 8th we will be hosting a Fall Family Fest in Penns Grove, NJ! I can’t wait and I really am excited that if we are successful we will be able to make a difference (even if its small), for the River Walk and surrounding community. If you know an organization or insitition that would be fairly local and would like to help out, please feel free to contact me. I am the event manager. All of the information is available on the website.


Check out out at

Prayer Journal Week Four Reflections



Week four was probably the hardest week of the whole challenge. Week fours questions were longer and even though a question was added every week. As you begin to review the questions in reference to your daily life, the questions became more extensive. You begin to really begin to dig deeper into your soul. As I went through this challenge I think that one that stood out for me was a reoccurring theme for me was trust, faith, and prayer.

A friend of mine (whom I love dearly) and we spoke about Ephesians and how “nothing is new under the sun”. One of the things I learned from this challenge was that certain problems that plague the world aren’t new at all. In fact, it shows that no matter what time period you live in certain things like love, responsibility, faith are universal and span through time even after we return to the dust of the Earth.

When looking through my journal for the past 30 days, I learned that God really speaks to us through scripture. I also learned that through faith and prayer we can accomplish more. The Holy Spirit blesses us with the confidence and faith we need and all we need to do is asked to blessed and to instrument to the Holy Spirit.

I also notice how hard it was to take 15 mins for God everyday. I did not realize how easy it is to be like I will do it tomorrow or maybe later. Some can say its the enemy some can say it is a defect of character. It is probably both but until we have our eyes opened to such things, they will reveal themselves. 13936734_10207040303630963_1013318166_n