Chicken Soup As Preventive Medicine


So here is an old family recipe that I wanted to share with everyone. I come from a long line of women who are into holistic health and preventive and natural medicine; so basically what that means is everything in here actually is helping you prevent colds and fight the flu! Which is something I know we all want to prevent.

Medicinal Chicken Soup

2/3 Cartons of chicken stock

2/3 Cartons of chicken broth

1 Cornish game hen








1 Onion

3 Stalks of celery

Egg noodles

Remember to boil spice in broth first its the broth that is the medicine. After you let it sit over night season according to your family’s taste. Also because “my grandma said so” so not enough to say that these ingredients are medicinal, so please see the  link below.

The Online Herb Encyclopedia is my favorite!


I want us to all remember Luke 5:31 “And Jesus said Healthy people do not need a doctor sick people do”. Preventing yourself from getting sick is and will always being a problem for humanity according to Genesis. I want to pray and make sure I can have everyone pray for those for are hungry, because I know many of us have FELT that hunger and there are people out in this world still living that way today. I also want all of us who have escaped or never felt this struggle to praise him!!!!!

Remember it is easier than we think sometimes to live out scripture:
John 4:34 “My nourishment comes from doing the will of God who sent me”

When we care for our families, donate to food banks, pray for the hungry, or even buy a burger for a homeless person, we are nourishing our souls because we are doing the work of God.

The State of Error

Have you ever felt helplessness and hopelessness because of your past mistakes? I think that if you answered no to this question you are lying to yourself.  You see we all go through periods of ups and downs in our lives. Sometimes it’s the enemy, and no I do not mean that you are not accountable to your actions because the devil made you do it. When I say the enemy I think of those thing in life that are beyond your control and the temptation to make bad choices based on these events is the way the spirit of the enemy is most active in our lives. Other times we may be faced with an obstacle that we can even understand how God could use this particular tragedy to lift us up.  Lastly there are things in our lives that are our fault. Yes there is going to be some self accountability here! Consequences both good and bad influence our next choice and our choices influence the consequences and it becomes this never ending circle of error.


But what is error? How do we overcome? I know that for some error automatically means failure, however this is actually not the case. According the Mrs. Webster:

Error: a mistake, miscalculation, blunder, or oversight.


Error: The state or condition of being in the wrong or judgment


I guess that is where we get the feeling of failure isn’t it? It has to be, until I looked that up I didn’t even know that error was a state of being. The state of error can be a good thing:

  1. It can bring us closer to God and strengthen our faith
  2. Lead us and teach us to make better choices
  3. Help us teach and prevent others from making those choices
  4. Preventing others from a feeling of judgment.



  1. It can leave us stagnant
  2. Prevent us from every trying a task or activity again
  3. Have in a state of self doubt and pity
  4. Prevent us from helping others in this situation.

I am going to leave it for you to decide what is the enemy and what is God working in your life. Perspective is the key here.  You have to not only allow yourself to see your error and allow yourself to be forgiven.


But how does our faith actually play into all of this?

Faith allows us to dream beyond a bleak reality while still being able to accept our circumstance.  Faith allows your state of error to become a state of triumph or repentance.

Our state of error strengthens our faith because no matter the state of our error we are forgiven.  After all we are human and we are not perfect no matter how Christ like we may become. 2 Peter 1:9 “But those who fail to develop in this way are short short sighted or blind and forgetting that they have been cleansed from their old sins” This is an example of living in a state of error and how we allow something so amazing as God’s forgiveness to become a sin.  We have to forgive ourselves. God has already forgiven us. Accepting God’s love and forgiveness  no matter what the error is the first step to learning or overcoming your mistakes, blunders, or feelings judgment.