A Woman of Strength and Purpose


Surprisingly this book like the “Strong Willed Women” the author describes, is not what it seems. This book touches base with many women and it definitely made a difference for not only me but my inner circle. A book that can be shared, revisited, and quoted shows you the quality of the writing inside. ┬áTobias hits this nail right on the head! The experiences shared by the women in this book is something that all women can relate to .I am happy to not only share this with my readers but to share this with my close family and friends. A good friend of mine actually quoted a verse to me that “Iron sharpens Iron” and even though that is not exactly what this book is about, you definitely can feel your iron sharpening. ┬áTobias creates and her amazing fellowship of friends and “strong willed women” teach, relate and engage her readers. I am proud to review this book and I happy that the women this book will reach will touch the lies of each and everyone of them.



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