Carpet Cleaner!

Hey guys I had my awesome friends over for dinner yesterday and unfortunately I have a friend who is allergic to cats! So I do try to be nice and clean up slightly! Here is the carpet cleaner I use to deep clean or do spring cleaning. I have another one for everyday use which I will post next time I make it!

 It is super easy!

So I had bought these scent crystals to make laundry soap. However my hubby’s skin is too sensitive. So I had to find another use for it. I hate wasting things and I loved the way they smelt. 
I used a 16oz jar so you guys would be able to see and judge. And really you just need a general idea because you make it according to your container. 
Next you do about two scoops of oxygen booster. I get mine from the dollar store. The container usually comes with a scoop and just use two of those. Or you can use 1 tablespoon. 
Next add the detergent crystals. You do not need to use these at all, you can use more baking soda, essential oils,you can also use washing soda instead. You have already added the most important ingredients, everything else is for scent purposes. 
Finally stir. Unless you use something that is super toxic, you can use any spoon. If you’re in doubt, you can just use a plastic spoon.  This stuff is awesome, works great, and only costs $0.40 each time. This price is relative based on how you make your scent. It cleans great and gets a lot of the crud out of your carpet. Also covers pet odors!! 

Yes that’s it is really that simple, enjoy!

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