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I have to say that when I saw an advertisement for this event in my Church Bulletin, I was probably more excited than most people. However I do really feel as Catholics we live our faith through our works. Service work of all kinds is doing Gods work. This does include political public service (I know this fact surprises a lot of people but it is true). The MCC (MD Catholic Conference) describes their mission as “The public policy arm of the Catholic Bishops serving Maryland in the Archdiocese of Baltimore, Wilmington (DE), & Washington (DC)”.

I know what you’re thinking. The Church has a public policy arm? Why would they need a public policy arm? According to the Church:

“Role of the Church in Politics The Catholic Church, its parishes and Church organizations are prohibited by federal law from participating in partisan political activities. The tax-exempt status of a parish or Church organization may be revoked if there is a violation of the law, and other penalties and taxes may also be imposed on any funds spent on prohibited political activities. However, the Church does have a role in politics and public policy formation through activities such as:

  •  Educating Catholics and others on the teachings of the Church as they relate to social policies.
  • Analyzing and measuring policies against the values of the Gospel.
  •  Speaking out on issues, such as those involving the life and dignity of the human person, social justice, the promotion of the common good, and the life of the Church in society.
  •  Encouraging voters to participate fully in the political process

(You can find more information like this here)

Via Arch Dioceses of Wilmington

Lobby Night

I was extremely excited to participate on The Maryland Catholic Conference’s (MCC)  Lobby Night! This free event, allowed Catholics to lobby their opinions (and the Church’s) to their local legislators.

The following Issues were discussed. By clicking the links you can get THE CHURCH’S Opinion on each issues.

BOOST Scholarship Program

Physician-Assisted Suicide

Healthy Working Families Act

The “Trust” Act

 The MCC provided a lot of amazing information for each person to make their own educated decision. It was an amazing opportunity  to reach out to legislators to get our voices heard.

Delegate Chris Adams (R)

One of the delegates we got to meet was Chris Adams. Now even though it is a differing opinion than that of the church I still want to share it with you. Mainly because it is good the hear both sides of an issue (otherwise how would you make an educated choice?)

When asked about the Trust Act, Adams said the following ” [I] Oppose a bill that prevents law enforcement from doing their job of protecting and serving our rule of law. This is really doing ourselves a disservice. “

We also had the pleasure of meeting with Delegate Mary Beth Carozza. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting her before and we always have a good time. 

When I asked her about her opinion, about the Assistant Suicide Bill, she not only said she was opposed to the bill, she even said that she felt that the information sheets the Church provided were really informative and touched on all the key points.  (Click here for more information) 

What  this means to us as Catholics, is that we must pay attention to the world around us. Politics may sound boring, but if you are upset about something this is the system to change it. Staying involved with you community in anyway is doing God’s work. We must always remember that no matter what we do, we should do it for the glory of God.

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