CCD Week 4



So I was out for week 3 hence why it goes from 2 to 4. I swear I can count! After being gone for a week my kids were super jumpy. The week I was gone the kids were in with the third grade class, so I have no idea what they did. They told me but all at once and at 100 mph!

So get out a lot of this energy we did our opening prayer. The kids really like saying the Our Father Prayer and so I let them run with it.

After our opening prayer I lined everyone up on the side of the room.

I began exuding people and switching them to spots all over the room. Trust me they needed the run. When then continued to exclude people by the following:





Then my favorite part comes where I make my kids think! What I love most about these open ended questions is that my kids really put their thinking caps on.

  1. Why is this unfair? – Because it is wrong to separate ourselves from people because they are different. (My kids took a minute to understand but eventually did get to this point, my aid tried to help them don’t they understand this concept).
  2. What do we do when we see people excluding others.- One of my kids just walked to the side of the room where the kids who were excluded were standing. The answer however is Join them, stand up for them, be there for them
  3. Did Jesus Exclude People? NO!
  4. Why not?- This one took a while as well but eventually one of my kids got it! Because Jesus said everyone is worthy of love and he calls us to love everyone!
  5. What about when we are forced to exclude people because maybe they are sick? The kids did not have an answer which was fine. It lead us into our Gospel Luke 17:11-19 Jesus and the Lepers.             After reading the Gospel to the kids they had a few questions like what is a lepers etc? Eventually the right question came out. “Jesus healed those people but other people can catch that sickness, what do we do” Answer: The Bible says that we are to love them we live in a time where we can thank God for all the amazing doctors and hard working people who keep us safe from sickness. God calls some of us to be healers and doctors and for those of us he doesn’t it is our job to help those people in whatever way we can without harming ourselves.


After they had finally calmed down we were able to work on our activity.

Doing praying through art. We have been learning about prayer and ways we can pray. That expressing ourselves to God can help us get through tough times. And we don’t always need to pray the traditional way to get that done.

I had them draw pictures and write a sentence of something that they thank god for it was very effective. The kids understood by the end that expressing ourselves in a positive manner allows us to connect with ourselves and God.

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