CCD Week 6: We Do NOT worship Mary



I know it may seem that this weeks craft and activity was boring but we have something my kids and I needed to discuss.

You see last week in our review one of the questions was “Do we worship Mary”. Unfortunately my class answered yes in unison. Time for a sit down.

First we all had to explain who is Mary. That my kids knew

  1. Mother of Jesus
  2. Answer of Prayers
  3. Saint

Next we needed to discuss the difference between honor and worship. So more thinking questions for the kids.

  1. Did Mary create the Earth?
  2. Do we praise her when things go right in our lives when we did not pray to her?
  3. When we pray do our intentions go to her or to Jesus (unless of course we are praying to her)

So I then had to explain to my point because they looked at me like I had ten heads. We pray to God, we praise him, we credit God for the things that go on in our lives (good or bad). So do we do those things for Mary?

The answer is no.

We do however honor her. There is a simple reason we honor Mary. It is so simple, because God honored her. She is a model of submitting your will to God. It is frightening to be a young unwed teenager mother now let alone during her time. God picked Mary for a reason. Her strong faith, she trusted God even though the future looked bleak. This is a great model for all Catholics. So God had honored her by choosing her to be the mother of Jesus and who are we to argue.

One of my students was like “Now I actually know the answer because people’s parents have asked me this”. That made me sad but I will avoid that soap box.

We made blue crosses and the kids decorated them. In HONOR of our Blessed Mother.


We then finished our year of Mercy Project:


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