Committing your actions to God: and how simple and difficult it can be!


I want to start off by saying to all those who attended my Bible Study last week that I am so sorry that I am just now posting the notes. I don’t even have an excuse, I completely forgot.

What does it mean to commit?

The dictionary says:

“to carry out or penetrate”


” to pledge or bind to a certain course or policy”


When we become born again, this is the time that we pledge ourselves to a certain course and policy. That being of course God’s plan and policy. But how do we stay on this course? The first thing that we have to understand before we commit our actions is to understand how they work.


This is the cognitive triangle. It is used to explain how actions, feelings, and thoughts are not only intertwined but are ultimately the cause of each other. This triangle is what guides most of our actions and choices. So how do we apply our faith in this triangle?

Simply Step 1: Allow your actions oomto be guided by the Holy Spirit.

So how do we apply step 1? We begin to all our thoughts to be guided by the Holy Spirit. How do we do that:

  • Live according to Scripture
  • Prayer

But what about the gray areas of our lives? Well there are some very basic questions we can ask ourselves to help us evaluate the consequences of our thoughts.

Is it healthy?

Does it benefit myself or others (and in what way)?

How does this affect my relationship with God?

Does this align with my faith?

God actually already has a policy on how we can do this efficiently.

Ephesians 4:23 “Instead let the spirits renew your thoughts and attitudes”

So basically God’s policy is committing your thoughts is allowing the Holy Spirit and your relationship with God to be considered in all things.

By putting God at the center of your cognitive triangle you allow yourself  to commit at a rate that is perfect for the stage of faith you are at!

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