Dandelion Water

Dandelion Water is great for a lot of DIY home remedies. I am all ¬†about making my own medicine! Self sufficiency is important and the more you can do for yourself the better. Dandelion is great for joint pain and sinus pressure. There are other uses, but I do not want to advertise “Facts” that may just be opinions. It is super easy to make!

1. First go out and pick yourself some dandelions, everyone’s yard pretty much has them!



2. Then put them in a pot with water. I like mine to be very strong and concentrated. So if you want it strong do not cover the dandelions with water, the more water the less potent,


3. Your water should start to look like this and stir occasionally.
4. When you are done it should like this:
5. Once it looks like this pour the water into a container that can stand the heat. This whole process should take approx. 20 mins (not included picking your dandelions). Once it is cooled it is ready to use.
1. If you or some one in your household is allergic do not use in a pot you eat with. However if no one is allergic then you can use a pot you cook with.
2. I do not personally use dandelion water in medicine that I make to be injected. I prefer to use it in medicines that are either inhaled or made into a salve. I am not saying you can’t but I honestly do not know the answer so I am just gonna say don’t

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