Hey guys!

I am always trying to give back to our planet and my community! I feel that God has blessed us with a beautiful planet and it is our responsibility as Christians to see that our God given resources are not wasted! I think that small efforts as just as important (or more important) as the big efforts we make. I believe that if we all do small things to make change (and/or progress). We can make a difference.

A great opportunity to do small effort with a big impact is to order free seeds from http://feedabee.com/ . They will send you seeds and once winter decides it is actually over, you can plant them. They are wild flowers that will look great in your garden and do great things for the environment as well! So order you seeds and #feedabee!

Just by making this Facebook post I got ten people on my friends list to order seeds as well! That is 11 people making an effort to change the world. Small things do matter!



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