Find Your Brave


When I first received this book I was skeptical. Mainly because I thought it would be like every other Christian self help book. Boy was I wrong! I think it is funny how God puts things into our life and we do not even notice it. At first it was hard to get through but once I started really sitting down and doing the Bible Study the book offers it definitely changed my opinion. Holly opens up about the “storms” in her life as well as empathizing with her reader. She stays down to earth through out the book and it almost feels like she is sitting there studying with you. The book is a study mainly on Acts 27. This passage in the Bible is really a great study for when we are going through trails. Before I read the book I had no idea I needed to “Find My Brave” but as I continued through it, I realized that like Paul, my trials will one day be my accomplishments. This book is great for any woman of any age group. No matter what age you are we go through trails and Holly’s writing makes you feel like you are getting advice from an old friend. Holly also is very open about the “storms” she has experience in her life and how Jesus help her through. She doesn’t lie and act like it was always easy, which I greatly appreciated. I already know a few amazing women who could use this book right now and I would recommend it to them! I feel blessed to have received this book from Blogging for Books and I really do feel blessed for having read it. If you are interested in purchasing Find Your Brave you can click here.

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