Head’s “With My Eyes Wide Open”


I have always loved Korn and when I was selected to review this I was super EXCITED! I have been a Korn fan since I was a little kid rocking out to Shoots and Ladders (I had an awesome older sibling!). Brian “Head” Welch, was the original guitarist for the bad and left the band when he got sober to raise his daughter. The book’s main focus is Brian’s journey as a new Christian and recovering addict. It is a very down to Earth presentation of the ups and downs that come with turning your life around.

I really did enjoy the book. Head’s voice was real, down to earth, and even though he admitted to many mistakes in the book he definitely handled it with integrity. I think that anyone who is trying to turn their life around, a new Christian, a recovering addict, or just your average joe, can benefit from this book. Mainly because when an addict becomes sober and or when a person is trying to improve their relationship with the God of their understanding; it is a difficult road that most give up on before they reach the finish line. Everyone can benefit from hearing an open and honest representation oh what turning your life around is really like! I also commend him for being so open to share it with the world. I have already found a person who I will be giving the book to, it is a message worth sharing!

I also think that as a millennial, this book is very relate-able. You see Head’s daughter (Jennea), went through a lot of similar problems as most of the people in our generation. It is really awesome to see both parties (millennial and parent) taking personally responsibility. I also loved hearing about the mission work that Head and other members of Korn. It is a short read, its a little over 200 pages. But it if you are a reader, you will definitely finish it in a few days. I received this book for review from BookLook Bloggers! If you would are interested in the book it can be purchased here.

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