Home Making with Fibro

This is super intimidating for me. I have to admit when I was diagnosed I had already been dealing with the pain for a while. However, the depression that comes with the pain caused me to become apathetic to my whole situation. I ignored everything and everyone I cared about. I wasn’t sure how to do deal with the pain and I struggled with accepting that I was always going to be hurting.

However when readjusting to life I realized that my house isn’t going to clean itself. Not that my husband has not picked up a TON of the slack but still. My husband have a division of chores that worked for us. But when I got sick every time I would get up to clean I would get overwhelmed.

^^Not me but pretty much sums up me every time  I would try to tackle my house since climbing out of this depression.

But I have a standard to meet and I have to adjust it so that I can still be the best wife possible without giving in to this depression.

But God tells us in Psalm 73:26

26 My health may fail, and my spirit may grow weak,
but God remains the strength of my heart;
he is mine forever.
So with that amazing motivation I decided to get practical!
I chose to create a Home Management Binder that would be perfect for some one like me:
Here are the Printables and Recommendations:
  • Get yourself a Columnar Pad. It costs about $10 at Walmart, but when you divide that by 12 it is cheaper than any printables with the price of ink and it allows for you plenty of room. Click here to purchase! 
  • Also get your self some Dividers and Find the cheapest ones! I found these on Walmart.com but they have cheaper ones in store! Click here to purchase. 


  • It should be kept simple! Do not overload it. You are better off creating a separate binder or that continuously adding to the Home Management binder. The Following Should be kept in binder.


Home Inventory

Pantry Inventory

Fridge Inventory

I make attempts to stock pile and use coupons. Due to Fibrofog I tend to forget what I have and don’t. This will help me keep track and fight the fog!

2.  Daily Tasks

Ever feel like the day is in charge of you? Set that right by using this free printable daily planner to plan your day!

Click here to get it! 

I used this one because it allows me to have a small set of proiorites. That way I can say wow I did what I had to and extra with out overloading myself with tasks which is something I am known for!

3. Bills

4. Cleaning

This check list is great because it allows yo to check off indivual tasks that need to be done in a week very add and fibro friendly list!

5. Emergency&Important Info

Dates to remember

Emergency Info 

Password Keeper

6. Misc (stuff that comes and goes. Do not let it REMAIN)

For number 6 I just used a divider and lined paper.

If you need more or less for you Binder, this site has the most friendly of printables!


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