Keeping it Interesting!

With Hubby being gone 5 and ½ days out of the week and with him always being tired it is hard sometimes to even get in the mood. It ends up being we get into bed kiss and before we know it we are asleep. So because of his exhaustion, I try to keep him entertained! 😉  I have spoken to other women who feel the same way as I do, “IF I don’t feel sexy, he’s not getting any”.  Honestly though like most women we try to make our husbands happy (and in a full consenting way) we still do it and not enjoy it.


Oh and that’s my cat Chewy! He was too lazy to move.

That is why keep things interesting is so important! Listen ladies, most men do not care what sexy outfit you have on. They see the sexy outfit and think “YES! She is gonna get naked!!!” One thing I love to do to keep things interesting is to buy lingerie. I purchased this piece from The reason I like to buy lingerie is because of how it makes me feel. My husband says “it’s a floor decoration” , but  I digress. When I put this outfit on it made me feel sexy and that definitely is a mood booster. Another thing I really liked about this piece is that it was easily concealed under my sweatpants and t-shit. Half the fun is the surprise!!! It was a great piece that hubby says we will use again!

I do have some tips if you do decide to go this route.

  1. Remember the outfit is for you not him!
  2. Never put lingerie in dryer! (NEVER! Seriously the underwire is not designed the sames as pieces like this for you to wear all day. You will break it and the under wire will poke you)
  3. Also sites like, offer all kinds of products. I Like a babydoll because I am self-conscious about my belly. You may want a long teddy because you feel more comfortable.  Buy what you look good in!
  4. It is okay to take his taste into consideration! With the piece I got, I got the type of underwear he likes. Its for you, but he should enjoy it too.
  5. It is okay to want to keep the Romance and is its healthy for you to want to enjoy yourself.
  6. Try new things!!!!!

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