Me Too: A Review


Me Too, tries to convey to the reader, that not only does God understand our suffering, but that Jesus himself, also suffered. The author’s voice was very laid back in this book. Something that was a breath of fresh air. You really did feel like the author was speaking to you as if he was the Pastor or Priest at your church. Jon Weece did an amazing job of conveying a casual speaking voice. This is something that is rarely found in these more evangelical types of books.

Jon touches on some very important life points in the book. Regardless of whether or not you are a Christian the book really makes some valid points. Jon encourages his readers to reach out for help, lean on God, and that allowing yourself to admit your weaknesses makes you stronger.

There were some things I did not like about this book. As a Catholic, there were certain points that I did not agree with. However that is a personal opinion and I do not think that it damages the integrity of the book. The author also should have taken more time to check facts, because some of the facts were just plain incorrect. I understand that the book is written for the average person, who unlike me does not have college level (and all of grade school ) religious education. For that reason alone I feel like this is why you must be correct in your facts. I did enjoy the book though, I wish Jon would have spent a little bit more time on it.

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