Mini-Pilgrimage St. Patricks NYC


This is not St. Patrick’s. This is another Catholic church down town. It is what inspired me to go. You see I go to this part of the city at least four times a year for the last seven years and I had never been so I was inspired to take a stroll…

While visiting NYC last week I was able to take my self on a date. Maybe it is just me but I enjoy the time. I had some where to be at 12:30 and was in the city by 9 am. So I figured I would just go exploring. One of my adventures that day was a MINI-Pilgrimage to St. Patrick’s Cathedral.

If you would like to learn more about ST. Patrick’s so you can take a trip click here.

It was absolutely AMAZING and BREATH Taking. My experience was somber having to get my bad search in the church was a sobering experience for me. It is a sad world that we live in. When I did get a chance to just enjoy this old space and pray I felt a presence that I feel in every church. I do feel though that each space has its own feeling with a touch of the Holy Spirit. If you get a chance GO!

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