Prayer Journal Challenge Week 3 Reflections


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Honestly I can not believe that I am entering in the last week of this challenge. It has truly been enlightening trying align my life with scripture. It has also been interesting how my problems are spoken about in the Bible. No matter what year it is some problems are just universal. This week has been a huge struggle for me. Even staying committed to the challenge. This week my biggest problems were my lack of faith and trust. I know its crazy to admit but there are moments in my life when I am like seriously :”wtf God”. I get angry and challenge him but I do this with all the important people in my life.


Trying to hold it together has been very hard. Especially when you think you’re going down the right path doing everything “right” and that was when it hit me. If you are so busy about doing it right, your desire for perfection tends to shut down any attempts to try. God is there for me and when I do trust him and stop trying to control everything I end up feeling better. Working on this relationship with God has help me see my own flaws and my strengths as well.

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