Rose water instruction

Hey everyone,

I am only making this post because again for like the fourth time this week people wanted instruction on Rose Water. It’s not hard, but I feel that way because I have been making the stuff since I was little. Actually that is usually why I buy roses at all. So I get roses from my very loving husband but I usually end up like this:

Which not too bad I guess. I actually think Morticia Addams is a better role model than most of the characters we have today.
So it is really simple for those of you who do not know, Once I explain it will be like riding a bike and it works for all types of petaled flowers. So experiment, and  let me know what happens. 
So step one:
Get whatever size sauce pan you think will fit all your petals. I don’t like my water to cover my roses because I like the smell to be potent. It also last longer the stronger you make it. Don’t ask me how I got that fact, my mom and sister taught it to me. From this step you just stir, I mean it stir, stir until the petals are mush and the water is a color to your standard of potency. 
Then you strain. It is okay to use a strainer you use for cooking food, it won’t hurt anything just wash your pan really well. Then jar it accordingly. 
It is so simple its ridiculous. A friend of mine asked me today to show her and I was like really its not hard. I forget sometimes if no one has taught you something how are they supposed to know. I think this step by step instruction should be sufficient. 

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