The Conclusion of My Saga of My Novena to Our Lady of Candelaria


Last night was the final night of my Novena. I can’t believe it is over. I can happily say that this Novena brought me closer to God and Our Blessed Mother. It feels bitter sweet that it is over as I felt our connection was growing. So now she has a candle on my alter at home for daily prayer.

Day 9 Prayer:

Immaculate  Virgin of Candelaria, by your
obedience to the Father, conscious of our
pride, we ask you to help us humble ourselves.
We want to accept God’s will and make our
life a constant “yes” to the invitation of the
eternal Father. Amen.

Allowing my life to be a “constant yes” to the invitation of the eternal Father.  This can be taken a few ways and as I lit my candles last night I realized that this constant yes is a daily struggle and test of my faith.

Our Blessed Mother trusted God, she was a constant yes. As for what she went through  I think I would have been happier if God asked me to jump off a bridge. So clearly there was a reason why I was not a part of that plan (lol just a joke).  The goal of this Novena was for protection against poverty and illness.

Walking away from this I have been blessed with the following information.

  • Our riches are no defined by money
  • Our health and quality of life are not defined by illness
  • That everyday we take a leap of faith and if we trust in God, our leap will be well worth it.
  • I have also learned by the example of the Blessed Mother, that I must allow God to do his work for me and stop trying to control things I do not have control over.
  • That no matter how successful a person is they will still face the same judgement.

I think though the most important thing that I can take from this is that the Holy Spirit is a gift given to us through Pentecost. We must not take this blessing lightly. For when we do you’re pretty much leaving the door open for the enemy to fill our head with doubts and other sins against God.

I feel blessed that I have been given the gift of the Holy Spirit. I feel even more blessed that sine this novena I have actually been able to use my five senses to interact with the holy spirit. This was an amazing experience! I am grateful I was able to share this with you.

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