The Post Virus Cleaner.

 Spring cleaning has begun and like always it is much needed. This is a recipe I use to deep clean my fixtures, shower, toilet, and kitchen sink! This is a strong recipe, I would recommend wearing  gloves. It is dirt cheap and gets the job done. This is not a recipe for everyday cleaning! This is a recipe for something you should do once a month max. This is to sterilize and make sure it is clean. A great cleaning tool if a stomach virus is going around your house. The container should be used for mixing chemicals only and so should the spoon. I save all of my old jars to make these and then I can send to recycling center so it can be reused again! If you’re like me and want to make your cleaning supplies full time, I would recommend going to goodwill, salvation army, and invest in a pot just to mix things.

This is being made in an old tomato sauce jar.

 1/4 cup of Bleach!

 If you are like me and buy lemon juice in a bottle (another great investment btw), two good squeezes (count two Mississippis for each one). Or approx. half a lemon.

3 Table Spoons of rubbing Alcohol. 
Then do about 2 table spoons of blue dawn. It doesn’t matter technically. But I don’t trust another brand. 
And in this pic you can see there is witch hazel. You can add a table spoon. It is not required I put it in because my grandma used it for everything so its habit. 
Seriously Check out all the things you can clean: 
Kitchen Sink:

 My Sink has begun to flake by the drain, this cleaner lifts that flakey stuff. If you have a sink you do not want the following to happen I would recommend not scrubbing or soaking,

Toilet: works great! Gets stains out too if you can let it soak. I have no after pic because my hubby used the bathroom while it was soaking. But you guys will see for yourselves. 
Shower fixtures:
So the dryer sheet trick really does work and I take a rag and rub cleaner on the fixtures and then I scrub with dryer sheet. 

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