The Saga of my Novena to Our Lady of Candlaria Day 5


Day 5 Prayer:

Immaculate  Virgin of Candelaria, on
presenting Jesus at the temple, you did not
talk about your honor of being the Mother of
God in order to demonstrate your importance
and emphasize the value of humility. Pray that
we, too, may follow your footsteps, that we
may avoid making importance of ourselves
and to grow daily in humility.


This prayer struck a cord I did not even see coming. I am the type of person who throws myself completely into everything I am doing. If I am successful I want to be acknowledge. I forget sometimes that your success can be acknowledged with out bragging or being prideful. It is one of those things however that is easier said than done.

John 5:41 “I do not accept the glory of human beings”.

That is intense at least for me. God’s glory must be our focus. As Christians we strive for all of our actions to glorify God. As Catholics, we must also remember we are representing the Church. We get so caught up in pleasing others we forget that if we are pleasing to the one most high, then just like our Blessed Mother, we will be glorified by both God and man.

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