The Saga of my Novena to Our Lady of Candlaria Day 7


Day 7 Prayer:

O Holy Virgin of Candelaria, conscious of
our defects, we take refuge in you. We
know that you have Jesus in your arms and
you give him to those who seek and wait for
him. Ask your Son to give us the necessary grace  we may be able to live our Christian
vocation, to imitate your virtues and win the promise of life eternal. Amen.

After saying this last night a saying my father tells me popped in my head. “If God wants you to have money, you will have money. Money doesn’t define success.”

In my quest for protection from poverty, after reading this prayer I have come to realize. That if I am walking right with God the other things will fall into place. If we can take refuge in our Blessed Mother and Christ, we can over come our obstacles. We must “seek and wait”. I can tell you at this point I can feel the Holy Spirit working in my life and I do feel truly blessed.

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