The Saga of my Novena to Our Lady of Candlaria


(Via This the picture of the actual shrine. It is truly breath taking!)

Although she is the Saint of the Carney Islands, Our Lady of Candelaria is prayed to for protection against poverty, a rich harvest, and success in business. She also is prayed to prevent illness. I have begun this Novena to her because well mainly I need help with all of those things. This is a very personal thing for me that I am about to share with all of you. However, the Holy Spirit has influenced me to share my Novena experience with all of you!

I was having a conversation with my mother about the stress in my life and she recommended this Novena. As I share this experience with you, it is mine alone and no one else’s.

So last night I began my Novena. Here is a PDF of the prayer card if you would also like to do it. So I of course began with the daily prayer:

Dear Virgin of Calendaria, we are gathered together with you. We bring our devotion and love. Accept it dear mother. Allow us to contemplate your virtues and teach us to imitate them. Pray that we may become like you each day in order to please the Lord like you did and may we live in peace and joy until we join you in the happiness of eternal life. Amen.

I then said the daily invocation:

O, Virgin of Candelaria, as the most noble representative of creation, we ask you today to be with us so that our adoration of the Most High becomes really pleasing to him. (If you are alone you just say the whole thing. I pray silently, some pray aloud your choice!)

All: God save you, O Mary.
May the entire universe
acclaim you exulted, O Mother!
All: God save you, O Mary.
Have pity, O Queen, because for many
who trust in you, you are the port of salvation.
All: God save you, O Mary.
Deliver us, Mary, from all dangers,
above all from eternal condemnation.
All: God save you, O Mary.
O Mary, our hope, our shield and help,
show us the way to Jesus.
All: God save you, O Mary.

Finally Day 1 Prayer:

Immaculate Virgin of Candelaria, you were always pure in the eyes of God, you wished to be purified like all other sinners in order to teach us the importance of living in God’s grace: may we also follow your footsteps to give importance of living pure in the eyes of God, although we should humble ourselves in order to acknowledge our sins in the confession. Amen.
Finally Follow up with:



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After completing Day one last night I felt, a calm I did not have before. Protection from poverty is very useful. I definitely can feel this Saint and the Holy Spirit working in me for something, being yesterday was only day one of this Novena, I do not have any real “divine revelation”, however I do feel that I am being protected. I also feel inspired to share, so I guess that is something. I am sorry if this was anti-climatic. However its the smaller things that matter in life and just knowing some one is there is sometimes all you need.

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