Unreasonable Hope: A Review


Unreasonable Hope is a chronicle of Chad Veach holding on to his faith while taking care of his daughter who was born with a smooth brain. I was blown away by the honestly that Veach conveys in this story. I find him and his wife to be very admirable. I do not know how my faith would be affected ┬áif I was to fall onto this type of trial. I was so moved by this story. Veach’s faith and down to earth writing style really makes you feel like he is sitting across from you, sharing his testimony. And I must say that his testimony is profound. Veach really does take you on this journey and my heart and prayers go out to his family and his daughter Georgia. I loved this book, I laughed and cried. This book is one of those stories that stick with you. If this family can maintain such a strong faith, then us with lesser problems can get through it as well. The book is more about coping, and how you can use your christian faith to cope with any problem. Veach is very open on how he would not be able to over come this trial in his life with out God. The book is a true testament that faith does not fix everything but it can help you cope, change your perspective, and show you a love that you never knew existed. I really enjoyed reading this so much that I have already given it to some one else to read. I feel blessed that Book Look Bloggers allowed me to review this story.



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