Verses for when Hubby is away

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With my hubby being gone 5 and 1/2 days out of the week it has been a trial for both of us. I know that God has blessed us with an amazing job opportunity, it is a struggle. I think that it has been hard on both my husband and I.God is the only thing that has kept us strong through this.  We have alwasy had each other to lean on and now we are apart and are forced to face these trials on our own. But we aren’t completely alone God is the rock that is helping us keep ourselves together. My heart goes out to the women who have to do this full time.  So it has been a struggle here is some Bible versus that help me deal with this particular struggle.

1. For when my expectations of him are high and he is too tired to help me.

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(Romans 3:23-24)
See I spend all week planning on the things we are going to do around the house all the help I haven’t had all week. I put a lot of pressure on him to help me. I know he needs rest but I need help too. I need to be reminded some times  that my husband isn’t perfect and neither am I.
2. For when we both feel like giving up and it things don’t feel worth it anymore.
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Trying to keep it together with our lives. Church, charity, work, police academy, the list goes on. Leaning on God allows you to not only find the strength to get the mundane done but He also challenges you to glorify him while doing it. Our good works do strengthen our marriage especially when we are apart. They not only serve as a distraction but for me it gives me a boost of confidence!!!
3. For when I miss him.
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God does have a plan. His plan for us is for us to be separated at the moment. It will bring on great things for our family and I just need to trust in God that no matter how much I miss my husband, I must remember there is a plan.

I am not going to sit here and say that I read these verses study them and instantly feel better because I don’t. However through out the day I  keep reminding myself God has a plan and it is for the best!

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